Dear Parents,

Should your child have enjoyed taking part in the sports offered, the sports clubs offer you the possibility to take part in their activities for a trial period free of charge. If you would like your child to play sport on a regular basis, it is advisable to become a member of a sports club.
Children and teenagers from families who receive social welfare benefits as per the list below have the possibility to apply for a sum of up to € 10 per month to cover the costs of a membership of a sports club.:

  • Benefits as per the Sozialgesetzbuch II (Social Security Statutes II) (from the Jobcenter)
  • Social welfare benefits, housing allowance, supplementary child allowance or social welfare benefits as per the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (Social Welfare Law for Asylum Seekers) (from the municipal adminstration)

In order to do this, you must first fill in an application, together with the sports club, and give the application form to the Jobcenter or the municipal adminstration, depending whoever is responsible for your affairs. The membership fee will then be paid directly to the sports club.

The application forms are available on the internet under the address

If you need more informations please contact the Coordination Office of the City Administration Mönchengladbach, Fachbereich Soziales und Wohnen, Aachener Straße 2 (Verwaltungsgebäude Oberstadt), 41050 Mönchengladbach.